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Chiarmonte Museum, a over 1000 marble statues - 14k

Chiarmonti Museum

     The Chiaramonti Museum, named after its founder, Pius VII, has changed only slightly in appearance since it was first laid out by Antonio Canova.

     Nearly a thousand pieces of ancient sculpture of every kind are exhibited in the Chiarmonti Museums: statues of gods, portrait statues, pagan altars, architectural ornaments, urns and sarcophagi. The Vatican Museums houses an incredible collection of priceless antiquities.


Close up of some small marble statues housed at the Vatican Museums Chiarmonti Museum - 19k

    The "Museum Claramontanum Pioclementino adiectum" (Chiarmonti Museum), founded by Pius VII in the seventh year of his papacy, is celebrated in a lunette painted by Luigi Agricola.

   Above you can see the size of the Hall.  On the Left you can see a close-up of some of the fine statuary.  In the Lower left corner is an bust portrait that dates to the Imperial age. I found it interesting because it is one of a handful of works that meld bronze and stone. 

    Unfortunately, this room does not offer much information about the great works which it preserves.  It is a classic style museum --just a place where antiquities are housed and displayed.

A rare statue of a marble bust melded with a bronze head housed at the Chiarmonte Museums- 13k

There are literaly tons of marble statues housed in the Chiarmonte Museum - 19k

Credit for the Information in this tour:

Papafava, Francesco. Ed. Guide to the Vatican Museums and City. Vatican City: Tipografia Vaticana., 1986

Also, I have included information from the exhibits at the Vatican Museum and notes from the lecture of Professor B. Nucci (University of Maryland University College - European Division)

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