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A crowded room - Just keep moving! - 17k

Gallery of  the Candelabra
(Roman Sculpture)

     The Gallery of the Candelabra was the first room that we walked through at the Vatican Museums.  (actually, it was more like we were being herded through --this area was particularly crowded.  I couldn't  get any decent pictures of the sculptures because of the crowds)  The gallery was named after the candelabras which were placed in front of the pillars when the room was opened by Pius VI, in 1761.

     This room contains classical roman sculpture which dates from the 3rd century B.C. to the 3rd century A.D..

Fresco painted on the ceiling - 11k

        The view of the sculptures in the Gallery of the Candelabra may have been obstructed, however, there was nothing preventing me from getting some fantastic photos of the artwork on the ceiling (left).  The ceiling was painted by Domenico Torti and Ludwig Seitz during the years  1883 - 87 under Leo XIII.

   A few of the more noteworthy sculptures found in the Gallery of the Candelabra are: Boy strangling a goose, a sarcophagus with relief's portraying the massacre of the Niobids by Apollo and Artemis who are shooting their deadly arrows, and a statuette of the Tyche (Fortune) of Antioch on the river Orontes, seated on a rock with a bust of the river god Orontes at her feet. 

Credit for the Information in this tour:

Papafava, Francesco. Ed. Guide to the Vatican Museums and City. Vatican City: Tipografia Vaticana., 1986

Also, I have included information from the exhibits at the Vatican Museum and notes from the lecture of Professor B. Nucci (University of Maryland University College - European Division)

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