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The Port to The Piazzetta

Capri, Italy

Man, this place is expensive!

But, before I go much further with that thought, I have to say that it is an exceptionally beautiful place that draws the beautiful people from all around the globe.  The shopping in the city of Capri is unparalleled from Gucci to Prada, from local delicatessens featuring the finest local products to international delicacies, from high end to tourist sheik. This  place has it all. 

Plus, this is a well known playground for the rich and famous. Celebrity watching is one potential way to pass the time in Capri. You never know who will turn up in the Piazzetta.

The port of Marina Grande is pictured above on the right. This is where you will arrive on the island. This is also where you can get tickets for a ferry to Positano, Amalfi or Sorrento which all make lovely day trips. There is a Funicular rail that departs from Marina Grande that will take you up to the Piazzetta (Pictured below and to the right).

I have to tell you, the caffe' bars of Capri's Piazzetta are very well done in fine Neapolitan style. It is a real pleasure to sit under the umbrellas on a sunny day to enjoy a caffe' or some other beverage.  Perhaps a spurmuto di arancia (Fresh squeezed orange juice) or a granito di limone (a granito is a slurpee-like drink that is available in many different flavors) There are also a multitude of different alcoholic beverages, sweet & savory snacks and, of course, some of the finest gelato on the planet. 

But, be prepared to pay double or triple the going rate on the mainland.  Ouch! It was pricy. That said, the Piazzetta is an obligatory stop for anyone visiting the island of Capri.

The colorful umbrellas of The Piazzetta in Capri, Italy.

The homes and businesses of Capri are built into the side of a mountain.

The colorful umbrellas of The Piazzetta in Capri, Italy.


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