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The Blue Waters of Capri

The blue grotto is  a must see for any visitor to Capri. However, keep in mind that everyone knows this and that they, most likely, will already be there.  This has two important ramifications. First, a visit to the Blue Grotto will set you back a bit - be prepared to pay. Second, there may be a wait outside. The best bet is not to visit during the peak hours during the peak season.

The good thing is that the island of Capri is full of wonderful ocean views that, more often than not, include that splendid crystal clear turquoise blue water for which the island is famous.  They do discourage photography inside the Blue Grotto, but I managed to sneak a few pictures (Below). It is difficult to capture anyway. I would recommend that you purchase one of the brilliant coffee table books that you will find in the souvenir shops around the island. The quality is good and, as you will want to remember your visit to Capri and the Blue Grotto for years to come, they are well worth the price. 

The Blue Grotto

The darkness prevented me from getting a really good picture inside the Blue Grotto, but it really doesn't matter because a picture cannot do justice to the magical experience one has while visiting this cave.

A picture taken inside the Blue Grotto without a flash.
The Blue Grotto is one of the biggest draws on the island of Capri. It is a surreal experience. The peculiar iridescence of the water bathes the interior of the grotto with a serene light that is similar in color to a sapphire blue topaz.
A flash photo taken inside the Blue Grotto of Capri, Italy TIP: The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Since the Blue Grotto is situated on the north-western corner of the island, the best time to visit is in the afternoon when sunlight shines directly on the water outside the cave. We were told that the best coloration occurs when the seas are slightly rough.

The photo in the upper left was taken inside the blue grotto without a flash.  The one on the left was taken with a flash.

With the boats in the picture you can get a better feel for the scale of the cave and the size of the opening.  We actually had to lay down flat in the boat to make it through the opening.

From the main Blue Grotto cave, called the blue cathedral, extend many passages that lead to lesser chambers and other underground ravines.

The cliffs of Capri dive into the crystal clear blue waters surrounding the island. The water has a curious affect on anything submerged.  Due to the coloration and intense blue filter, anything submerged in the waters of the Blue Grotto appears to be silver in color.

In ancient times, the waters of the Blue Grotto were thought to have mystical powers that included healing and prolonging youth.  The ancient Romans may have used the grotto as a nympheum.

However, as seen in the three pictures here at the bottom of the page, one does not have to visit the Blue Grotto to enjoy the blue waters which surround Capri.  At nearly every vantage point where the sea is within your field of view the stunning blue waters of Capri can be seen and appreciated.

The crystal clear blue waters surrounding the island of Capri, Italy. The crystal clear blue waters surrounding the island of Capri, Italy.

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