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The Narrow Streets of Capri

Capri is, in part, so charming because vehicle traffic is very limited.  In fact, most roads on Capri are only suitable for foot traffic. This means that walking is the primary mode of transportation.

The narrow streets present the visitor with a photo opportunity around every corner. The buildings, white washed or colored with the bright pastels that are favored on the island, seem to flow into one another as they frame the streets they surround.

There are many reasons that the streets are only suited to foot traffic. 

First, the city of Capri is old, and was fairly well established long before mechanized transportation was invented.

Second, on a small island such as Capri, real estate is limited. In order to make the best use of the limited space available on the island, the streets were constructed with the smallest footprint possible.

Third, even in the modern age the citizens of Capri elected to leave the roads unchanged in the City.

Fourth, it is convenient because the city is so compact.

Narrow Street on the Island of Capri

Narrow Street on the Island of Capri

Above - The world famous Via Krupp. Via Krupp is nearly 4,500 feet in length, this picturesque road descends nearly 150 vertical feet to connect the Marina Piccola with Via Matteotti which leads back into the City of Capri

Below - A resident of Capri returns home with a sack of groceries. This road winds though the park-like neighborhood on the Eastern side of Capri.

Above- This lovely walk way off the main street leads to the residences above.

Below - As is common in Italy high stone walls surround many of the villas. The high walls ensure the privacy of the residents of Capri while also providing additional security and serenity.

Narrow Street on the Island of Capri - Garden like setting Narrow Street on the Island of Capri, Italy - High Stone Walls


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