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The Island of Capri

I loved my trip to this sparkling gem of a Mediterranean island and I know that you will love it too.  I hope that the information and pictures on this (and the seven pages linked-in) will help you better understand what to expect as you tour the island of Capri. Before you read on, here are a couple quick tips...  (1) Expect crowds in peak months. And, (2) because Capri draws celebrities and royalty from around the world, it can be pricy -- bring plenty of cash and your platinum card. (Yes, a visit to Capri is worth it)

 Picture of Naples taken from the ferry en route to the island of Capri.

Between the hours of 6:00am and 10:00pm a ferry (Traghetto) runs hourly between Naples and the island of Capri. In this view looking back towards Naples, Castle Nuovo can be seen in the foreground while castle Sant' Elmo can be seen on the hill top in the background.

The island of Capri frequently fades into the haze from the perspective of viewers in Naples.

Seen from Naples, the island of Capri is usually shouded in water vapor haze

You will have no trouble finding transportation to the  Blue Grotto. In fact, you may find the competition between  boat pilots amusing (or annoying). At the Marina Grande the ride to tour the Blue Grotto will, more likely than not, seek you out. The Blue Grotto is well worth it.

The saphire blue waters of the Blue Grotto

The crystal clear, turquoise colored waters of Capri must be seen to be truly appreciated.

Capri's Marina Grande as seen from the city of Capri above.

After arriving in the Marina Grande of Capri, pictured above, you will want to make your way up the hill to tour the City of Capri.  There are two modes of transportation. For about six Euro you can ride the funicular railway up. Or, for a few more Euro a quaint mini-taxi can be hired to transport you up to the Piazzetta.

Most travel in Capri will be done on foot. However there is public transportation available at a reasonable cost that connects the city centers of Capri and Anacapri. The chairlift to the top of Monte Solaro costs less than 10 Euro and departs from Anacapri.

You will need to return to Marina Grande in order to hire a boat to ferry you over to the Blue Grotto or, perhaps, to take a tour around the island.

Capri is home to approximately 14,000 inhabitants divided between the two principal cities of Capri and Anacapri.

The charming city of Capri offers a surprise around every corner.

The world famous Piazzetta (left) is an ideal location to sit back and enjoy a pastry and a caffe' latte while people watching.

Over the years this site has been a popular haunt for celebrities from around the world. 

The Piazzetta is the center of social activitiy in the island's main city of Capri


I highly recommend that you plan to stay overnight in Capri. There is way too much to see and do in a single day trip.

From your base of operations (a.k.a. your hotel) , you can plan several excursions to explore the Island. You should plan to visit the Gardens of Augustus (lower left) and expect the Narrow Streets of Capri to present you with a surprise around every corner. Capri boasts many memory makers from nifty shops with unique wares, to splendid views, to incredible dining experiences. Tour the island slowly... take your time and explore.

I Faraglioni, or The Stacks in English, are magnificent landmarks just off shore
The Stacks. In Italian this famous rock formation is called i faraglioni.
The Giardini di Agustus (Gardens of Agustus) make a gorgeous backdrop for a lazy summer stroll. A typical foot path winds through a garden like neighborhood in the north west corner of Capri Via Krupp is to Capri what Lombard Street is to San Francisco. Via Krupp links Capri with Marina Picola on the island's north side.
Capri's Giardini di Agustus (Gardens of Augustus) A charming Narrow Street in Capri Via Krupp links Capri with the Marina Piccola

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