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Pictures of Positano from the Sea

In this picutre a sail baot is moored off shore of the Marina Grande in Positano, Italy.

A sail boat is moored off-shore in Positano's Marina Grande harbor.

For a photographer, there could not be a better subject. Those touring Italy should make this a required stop. Positano is a picture post card from almost every angle.

These pictures of Positano were taken just off shore facing north looking into the beach of Marina Grande. I rented a small speed boat for the afternoon from a kiosk at the beach in Positano. In my opinion, this is the best way for a tourist to see the splendor of the Amalfi Coast.

The panoramic pictures below show how the Italian engineers have truly mastered cliff-side construction.

Positano is serviced by only two roads that are open to automobile traffic. Therefore, most touring of the city is done on foot. Be prepared to walk hills and many a step on a visit to Positano.

A panorama of the very picturesque Positano on Italy's Amalfi Coast

The panorama of Positano is poetry in visual form.

The church of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano, Italy as seen from the sea.

Speeding out of Marina Grande we can see the gleaming golden tiled cupola of the church of Santa Maria Assunta against a backdrop of the stunning pastel colored edifices of Positano.

A wide angle view of Positano's hill side construction and the harbor of Marina Grande.

Positano from the sea will be an indelible memory for those who have the experience.


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