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The Pebble Beach at Positano

The Beach at Positano, Italy. A popular summer playground.

The pebble beach at Positano, Marina Grande, is a popular summer destination for both locals and tourists. For the best rates on hotels, visit in the off season.

The beach at Positano consists of small smooth pebbles and coarse sand.  Though not silky to the touch like the black sands of Hawaii, the rounded pebbles are small making them comfortable to walk on.

The beach, due to its east-west orientation, gets direct sunlight through the mid-day hours.  Due to the steep cliffs surrounding the area, the morning and afternoon sunlight is mostly obscured. This moderates the temperatures, even during the hottest days of August.

To reach the beach (coming from Sorrento):

  1. Exit the Amalfi Coast road (SS 163)  by turning right at Viale Pasitea, marked by the direction of Positano.

  2. Follow the narrow road as it winds down the mountain.

  3. Once past the auto repair shop, a parking lot can be found on the right where Viale Pasitea becomes Via Crisoforo Colombo. (Apprx. 30 Euro per 24 hrs.)

  4. Once parked, continue down towards the sea by following the stepped walkway, Via dei Mulini.

  5. This will lead you to the Spiaggia di Marina Grande. (3 Pictures on the right)

There is a second beach, Spiaggia di Fornillo, to the west. This can be seen in the picture below. Fornillo is a bit quieter than the beach at Marina Grande. To find Fornillo find Via Positanesi d'America which runs west along the sea in front of the Hotel Covo dei Saraceni.

A picture of the beach at Positano being shared by swimmers, fishermen and water sport enthusiasts.

The beach at Positano is used by sun bathers, swimmers, fishermen and water sport enthusiasts. There are also places just off shore where sail boats and power boats are moored.

A picture of the church of Santa Maria Assunta taken from the beach at Marina Grande, Positano, Italy.

This picture shows that, from the beach, the view of Positano is spectacular.  The cupola of the church of Santa Maria Assunta is prominent in the foreground.

In addition to the natural beauty of the architecture, the cliffs, and the sea, Positano is also a great summer playground because it is very well appointed. There are several shops that cater to the summer audience selling clothing, keepsakes, suntan oil, and the colorful, inflatable beach accoutrements that we all depend on.

Moreover, there are dining choices for every budget. But, whatever your price point, you will find the best examples of typical regional dishes.  I highly recommend the Gnocchi Sorrentina from the restaurant at the hotel Covo dei Saraceni adjacent to the beach. There are several restaurants on the beach that offer spectacular views to accompany the savory menu offerings.

The characteristic pastels and blocky architecture of Positano can be seen below. This picture shows the beauty of the place but, unfortunately, fails to really do it justice. To truly appreciate the splendor that is Positano, one must visit and see it first hand. It seems as if a giant hand has tossed the buildings against the cliffs and they, as if by magic, stuck there.

A beautiful picture of Positano, Italy. Pastel colors and the beach at Spiaggia del Marina Grande.

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