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The History of Positano - Chronology\Timeline

Picture of Positano's modern pastel buildings

6000 BC Humans utilize the La Porta cave
500 BC Acheans use the beach at Positano as a safe resting point
100 BC Roman Villa built by unknown
79 AD Vesuvius eruption initiates land slide that buries Roman Villa
800 AD Benedictine friars establish community in the Abbey of Santa Maria e San Vito.
994 AD Selectus appointed as abbot of S. Mariae de Positano
1000 AD Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria e San Vito is included in the Congregation of Cava dei Tireni
1131 Norman conquest marks the beginning of the decline of the naval forces of Amalfi. Positano naval forces grow in strength and importance.
1136-1137 Naval forces of Pisa repeatedly sack Amalfi and Positano.
1282 Twenty year war with Sicilian Vespers begins
1332 Robert of Anjou builds Positano Guard Towers
1341 Positano fleet assists Robert of Anjou in the siege of Millazzo.
1343 Death of Robert of Anjou frees the inhabitants of Positano from servitude to the Monastery
1348-1386 Power struggles by Joan I, Louis the great, Charles III, and Louis of Anjou mark this politically instable period where control of Positano is strained.
1414 Positano becomes part of the Kingdom of Naples under Joan II
1450 - 1698 Feudal barons enforce rigid control over Amalfi perpetuating economic crisis.
1699 Positano pays off Barons to become a free town once more
1784 D. Liborius Marra, the last Commendatory Abbot of S. Maria, dies
1840 Road to Meta construction begins
1950 Trasita tower, near Fornillo beach, restored
Today Economic prosperity based on retail and tourism business

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