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Getting to Positano (via Sorrento)

A panorama of the Sorrentine Peninsula, Campania Italy.

The rugged beauty of the Sorrentine peninsula has not been adversely impacted by development.

It has been said that getting there is half the fun.  In the case of a drive from Naples to Positano, that could not be more true. In the upper right you can see the spectacular view that awaits as you make your way south west on via Sorrentina towards the lovely town of Sorrento.

To make an enjoyable day trip to Positano, leave the Naples area early and allow 60 - 90 minutes to arrive in Sorrento by 9:30 - 10:00. Spend an hour or two shopping in the downtown area where you will find shops to suit every taste.

The specialty of Sorrento is wood marquetry. Sorrento is famous for the quality of the craft that has been perfected by the artisan woodworkers of the city. Small tourist-quality pieces can be had for 20 Euro or less, however the real high-end works of art and the skillfully constructed inlaid furniture are pricy.  Bring your bank account.  The good thing is that most shops and makers will ship world-wide.  Or, perhaps you might enjoy a stop at one of the local caffe' bars and a romantic ride in a horse drawn carriage (below left) ?

A horse drawn carriage passing through Corso Italia in Sorrento.

A romantic horse drawn carriage is a perfectly elegant touring option in historic Sorrento.

You should plan to resume your trip to Positano at about 11:30 to noon in order to arrive in time for pranzo (lunch).  Usually, the shops begin to close around this time for the traditional siesta (lower left).

As you leave Sorrento south on SP47 in the direction of Positano and Amalfi, you will first go up for some 10 - 15 minutes. Then, once you have reached the summit, you will begin your trip down the southern slope where the Costiera Amalfitana will begin to come into view (bottom right).

A few words of caution: Drive s-l-o-w-l-y.  The road is extremely narrow and characterized by one tight turn after another with a perilous drop into the sea to your right. Take your time. Enjoy the scenery.

Each of the small towns has something spectacular to offer the tourist. Positano, the first town you will come to offers a beach, boat rentals, high end shops, galleries of art, and fantastic dining opportunities.

A look down Corso Italia in as the shops close for the afternoon siesta.

The iron-work of the street lamps adds to the charm of the already inviting Sorrento central district

A view of the Medeteranean Sea Taken from Via Nastro d'Argento on the road from Sorrento to Positano

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