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     Welcome travelers!  Benvenuti a Solfatara -Welcome to the Solfatara.  I hope you find this page as interesting and informative as my visit to the Solfatara was. 

     All of the descriptions of the pictures from the Solfatara were distilled from the informative signs that help to guide visitors as they make their way through the park.  I share with you my first-hand experience.

    The Solfatara, is a dormant volcano located in the middle of one of the most populous areas in the world. It is known by the ancient Romans as the mythical entrance to the Hell (one of many entrances!  It seems that hell was quite a popular place with the Romans!), is an inactive volcano.  It is part of the volcanic region known as the Phlegrean Fields.  It is famous for its steaming jets of sulfurous vapor (at temperatures of 320 F/160 C), the emission of carbonic anidride and small volcanoes of boiling mud.  Sulfur was extracted here in the past, and until 1800 it was a spa renowned for its mineral waters, natural saunas and mud. 

    The Solfatara is the epicenter of the cyclic phenomenon of the rising and lowering of the ground level in the Phlegrean Fields known as bradisism.



     The sulfurous vapors make an audible hissing sound as they rise up from thousands of small volcanic vents called "fumarola".  The largest of which, known as "The Bocca Grande" (The Large Mouth), is a spectacular sight. The sound that The Bocca Grande produces is similar to a burning flare... only much louder.


     A closer examination of the earth, at the site of a small volcanic vent.  In this photo you can see sulfur deposits and crystals.  They were left by the vapors that constantly seep up through the ground.   The ground here was warm to the touch. (Appx. 110 F/43 C)


  There are several areas where the earth forms curious dome-like structures. Home                  The stufe - Ancient Saunas >> Home | Italy MAPS | Academic Content | Links | About Us | Italy News | Italian Phrasebook | Italy Weather | Site Map

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