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Getting there and securing suitable accommodations are two key components to a good holiday or vacation. This list of Italian travel and lodging translations will help you with these basic tasks.  The English to Italian translations are alphabetized in English for easy lookup.  After you have brushed up on your Italian language skills, please visit the home page to check out the photo tours of bella Italia.
English Italian
adult adulto (ah-dool-toh)
aisle seat posto al corridoro (pohs-toh ahl kor-ree-dohr-oh)
baggage claim ritiro bagagli (ree-tee-roh bahg-ahl-yee)
balcony il balcone (eel bahl-koh-neh)
bathroom il bagno (eel bahn-yoh)
bathtub vasca da bagno (vahs-kah dah bahn-yoh)
bed il letto (eel let-toh)
bed and breakfast Inn agri tourismo (ahg-rhee toor-ees-moh)
bill il conto (eel kohn-toh)
boarding pass la carta d'imbarco (cahr-tah deem-bahr-koh)
bus l'autobus (lahoo-toh-boos)
child il bambino / la bambina (female) eel bam-bee-noh / la bam-bee-nah)
Could you call a taxi for me, please? potrebbe chiamarmi un taxi, per favore? (poht-treh-beh kee-ahm-ahr-mee oon tas-see, pehr fah-vohr-eh)
dining room sala di pranzo (sahl-eh dee prahn-zoh)
elevator l'ascensore (lash-en-sohr-eh)
full board pensione completo (pen-zee-ohn-eh kohm-plet-oh)
hotel albergo, hotel (ahl-behr-goh, oh-tell)
I have a reservation Ho prenotatzione (oh pree-noh-taht-zee-ohn-eh)
I'd like a room for the night vorrei una stanza per un notte. (vohr-eh oona stan-zah pehr oon noht-teh)
I'l like non smoking vorrei non fumatore (vohr-reh nohn foo-mah-tohr-eh)
I'm leaving tomorrow. parto domani (pahr-toh doh-mahn-ee)
Is the flight late? E il volo in ritardo? (eh eel voh-loh een ree-tahr-doh)
Is this the train for Rome? E questo il treno per Roma? (Eh kwes-toh eel tray-noh pehr Rohm-ah)
key chiave (kee-yahv-eh)
late in ritardo (een ree-tahr-doh)
luggage i bagagli (ee bag-ah-glyee)
maid la cameriera (lah kam-ehr-yee-ahr-ah)
on time in orario (een ohr-ahr-ee-oh)
one way ticket biglietto solo andata (beel-yet-toh soh-loh ahn-daht-ah)
please wake me at eight me svelgi, per favore, alla otto. (mee svell-yee, pehr fah-vohr-eh, al-lah oh-toh)
room la camera (lah kam-ehr-ah)
room service servizio al camera (sehr-vitz-ee-oh ahl kam-ehr-ah)
round trip ticket biglietto andata e ritorno (beel-yet-toh ahn-daht-ah eh ree-toor-noh)
sink il lavandino (eel lahv-ahn-deen-oh)
The window wont open. la finestra non si apre (lah fee-nest-rah nohn see ahp-reh)
There is no hot water. non c'e acqua caldo (nohn chay ah-kwah kahl-doh)
ticket office la biglietteria (lah bee-lyee-ett-teh-ree-ah)
what is the fare to Naples? Quanto costa un biglietto per Napoli? (kwan-toh kost-ah oon beel-yet-toh pehr Nap-oh-lee)
What is the nightly rate? quanto si paga per notte? (kwan-toh see-pahg-ah pehr noht-teh)
what time does the train depart? a che ora parte il treno? (ah kay ohr-ah pahr-teh eel tray-noh)
What time is breakfast? a che ora e servita la colazione? (ah kay ohr-ah eh sehr-vee-tah lah koh-laht-zee-oh-neh)
Where can I get a ticket? dov'e posso prendere un biglietto? (Doh-veh pohs-soh pren-dehr-eh oon beel-yet-toh
window seat posto vicino al finestro (pohs-toh vee-chee-noh ahl fee-nehst-rah) Home Home | Italy MAPS | Academic Content | Links | About Us | Site Map


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