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The translations on this page will help you with small talk and colloquial conversations.  The Italian language is rich with variety derived from the many dialects across the country, so this word list is not even close to being comprehensive. However, this will help you to understand and translate some of the common conversational Italian phrases. Be warned, as a non-fluent speaker, using some of these may get you in trouble. Use your best judgment. 

After you have brushed up on your Italian language skills, please visit the home page to check out the photo tours of bella Italia.

English Italian
are you crazy? sei pazzo? (say patz-zoh)
bottoms up alla salute (ahl-lah sah-loo-teh)
by God per Dio (pehr Dee-oh)
cheers (toasting) cin cin (chin chin)
crazy, nuts svitato (svee-tah-toh)
damn! accidenti (ah-shee-dehn-teh)
god bless you (congratulations) Dio ti benedica (Dee-oh tee behn-neh-dee-kah)
god bless you (sneeze) salute (sah-loo-teh)
good luck in bocca al lupo (een bohk-kah al loo-poh)
great magnifico (mag-nee-fee-koh)
hit the road vada via (vah-dah vee-ah)
how beautiful che bello (kay bel-loh)
hurry up muoviti (moo-ohv-ee-tee)
Leave me in peace mi lasce in pace (mee lash-eh een pah-cheh)
look guardi (goo-ahrd-ee)
never mind non importa (nohn eem-pohr-tah)
no way, impossible Ma che! Impossibile (mah kay! Eem-pohs-see-bee-leh)
ouch ahi (ah-ee)
really? ma va (mah vah)
really? veramente (vehr-ah-men-teh)
shut up stai zitto (stah-ee zeet-toh)
so what e allora (eh ahl-lohr-ah)
thank God grazia a Dio (grahtz-ee-ah ah Dee-oh)
that's enough basta (bah-stah)
thats fine va bene (vah behn-eh)
what a beauty che bellezza (kay bell-etz-ah)
what a pity che peccato (kay pek-kaht-oh)
with pleasure con piacere (kon pee-ah-cher-eh)
wonderful splendido (splen-dee-doh)
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