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These Italian phrases and words will assist you in the translation of ailments, conditions and common items found at your corner chemist or pharmacy.  An accident or illness can really put a damper on travel fun, but, hopefully, being able to find and purchase the right medicine will help you resume your pleasant diversions sooner.

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English Italian
a burn un ustione (oon oo-stee-oh-neh)
a cold il raffreddore (eel rahf-red-dohr-eh)
a cough la tosse (lah tohs-seh)
adhesive bandage (band-aid) dei cerotti (deh-ee chehr-ot-tee)
allergies alergie (ahl-ehr-jee-eh)
an abscess un ascesso (oon ahsh-sehs-soh)
appendix l'appendicite (lahp-en-dee-chee-teh)
arm il braccio (eel brah-chee-oh)
asprin aspirine (ass-pehr-een-eh)
back la schiena (lah skehn-ah)
broken tooth rotto dente (roht-toh dent-eh)
can you recommend a dentist? puo raccomandarmi un dentista? Poo-oh rak-koh-mahn-dahr-mee oon den-teest-ah)
chest pains dolori al petto (doh-lohr-eh al pet-toh)
cough drops pasticche per la tosse (pahst-ik-keh pehr lah tohs-seh)
cough syrup sciroppo per la tosse (shee-rohp-poh pehr lah tohs-seh)
dust in my eyes polvere nell mei occhi (pohl-vehr-eh nell mee-ay-ee oh-kee)
Emergency room pronto soccorso (pron-toh sok-kor-soh)
eye l'occhio (loh-kee-oh)
fever febbre (feb-bray)
finger il dito (eel dee-toh)
Flatulence gas intestinali (gahs een-test-ee-nahl-eh)
foot il piede (eel pee-eh-deh)
go to the hospital andare in ospedale (ahn-dar-eh een oss-ped-ahl-eh)
hand la mano (lah mahn-oh)
headache mal di testa (mahl dee test-ah)
heart il cuore (eel koo-ohr-eh)
heart attack attacco cardiaco (ah-tak-koh kar-dee-ahk-oh)
Here is my prescription. ecco la mia ricetta medica (ek-koh lah mee-ah ree-chee-tah med-ee-kah)
hostpital ospedale (oss-ped-ahl-eh)
I don't feel well non mi sento bene (non mee sen-toh ben-neh)
I feel alright now. me sento bene adesso (mee sehn-toh behn-neh ad-des-soh)
I feel dizzy me gira la testa (mee jeer-ah lah test-ah)
I feel ill mi sento male (mee sen-toh mahl-leh)
I must sit down. devo sedermi (deh-voh sed-ehr-mee)
I need a doctor right away. ho bisogno urgente del medico (oh bee-sohn-yoh ur-jent-eh del med-ee-koh
I need a laxative ho bisogno di un lassativo (oh bee-sohn-yoh dee oon lass-ah-tee-voh)
I'm on antibiotics. Sto prendendo antibiotici (stoh pren-den-doh ahn-tee-bee-oh-tee-chee)
infection l'infezione (lin-fetz-ee-ohn-eh)
Is it serious? e' serio? (eh sehr-ee-oh)
It's an emergency E un'emergenza (eh oon eh-mehr-jentz-ah)
I've lost a filling (tooth) Ho perso l'otturazione (oh pehr-soh lot-toor-atzee-ohn-eh)
knee il ginocchio (eel jin-oh-kee-oh)
leg la gamba (lah gam-bah)
medicine medicina (med-ee-chee-nah)
neck il collo (eel kohl-loh)
nose il naso (eel nah-soh)
pills pillole (pill-oh-leh)
pregnant incinta (een-cheen-tah)
sanitary napkins degli assorbenti igienici (day-lyee ass-ohrben-teh ee-jen-ee-chee)
shoulder la spalla (lah spahl-lah)
sore throat mal di gola (mahl dee goh-lah)
stay in bed rimanere a letto (ree-mahn-eer-eh ah let-toh)
stomachache mal di stomaco (mahl dee stoh-mahk-oh)
talcum powder borotalco (bohr-oh-tahl-koh)
thank you doctor grazie dottore (gratz-ee-eh dot-tor-eh)
thermometer termometro (tehr-mom-eh-troh)
throat la gola (lah goh-lah)
toothache mal di denti (mahl dee dent-eh)
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