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These Italian words will assist you with the translation of common phrases used by shoppers in Italy. As we all know, the ability to make a vacation purchase is key to a successful visit to a foreign country.  This page will help you make all those souvenir and trinket purchases... what you do with the junk once you get home, how to display it or store it, is your business!  ;-)

After you have brushed up on your Italian language skills, please visit the home page to check out the photo tours of bella Italia.

English Italian
a bra un reggiseno (oon rej-jee-sehyn-oh)
a butcher una macelleria (oona mahch-ah-lahr-ee-ah)
a camera shop un negozio di fotocine (oon neg-otz-ee-oh dee foh-toh-cheen-eh)
a candy/smoke shop un sale e tabacchi (oon sah-leh eh tah-bak-kee)
a chemist (pharmacy) un farmacia (oon far-mah-chee-ah)
a clothing store un negozio di abbigliamento (oon negozio dee abb-eel-ee-ah-men-toh)
a delecatessen una salumeria (oona sah-loom-ehr-ee-ah)
a gift shop un negozio di regali (oon neg-otz-ee-oh dee reg-ahl-ee)
a grocery store un negozio di alimentari (oon neg-otz-ee-oh dee ahl-ee-men-tar-ee)
a hardware store un ferramenta (oon fehr-rah-men-tah)
a jewelry store una gioielleria (oona jee-oh-eel-leh-ree-ah)
a shirt un camicia (oohn kahm-eech-ah)
a skirt una gonna (oona gohn-nah)
a supermarket un supermercato (oon soo-pehr-mehr-kot-oh)
a tobacco shop un tabaccheria (oon tahb-ak-ah-ree-eh)
a wine shop una enoteca (oona en-oh-tek-ah)
Can I pay with a credit card? Posso pagare con un carte di credito? (pohs-soh pay-gar-eh kon oon kart-eh dee kred-eet-oh)
Can I rent a car? Posso nolleggiare una macchina? (pohs-soh noh-lej-jee-ahr-eh oon-ah ma-keen-ah)
Can you help me miss? Signorina, puo aiutarmi? (see-nyor-een-ah poo-oh eye-yoo-tahr-mee)
discount sconto (skohn-toh)
Do you have somehting else? ha qualche cosa altro? Ah kwal-kay coh-sah ahlt-roh)
dollars i dollari (ee dohl-ar-ee)
free gratis (graht-ees)
Give me five twenty euro bills. Mi dia cinque biglietti da venti euro. (Mee dee-ah ching-kweh bill-ee-et-tee dah ven-tee eh-oor-oh)
How much is the fare? Quanto costa la corsa? (Kwan-toh kohst-ah lah-kor-sah)
I want... Ho voglia di... (oh vohl-ee-ah dee)
I'm just looking. Sto solo guardando (stoh soh-loh goo-ahrd-ahn-doh)
income reddito (rehd-dee-toh)
interest rate tasso d'interesse (tahs-soh deen-tehr-ess-seh)
investment investimento (een-vest-ee-mehn-toh)
large bills banconote grande (bank-oh-noh-teh grahn-deh)
larger piu grande (pee-yoo grahn-deh)
loss perdita (pehr-dee-tah)
money soldi (sohl-dee)
pants pantaloni (pahn-tah-lohn-eh)
pounds i sterline (ee ster-lee-neh)
safe cassaforte (cahs-sah-fohrt-eh)
sale saldi (sahl-dee)
shoes scarpe (skahr-peh)
signature firma (feerm-ah)
small change i spiccioli (ee spee-chee-oh-lee)
Where can I find...? Dov'e posso trovare...? (doh-veh pohs-soh troh-vahr-eh)
Where can I get a taxi? Dov'e posso prendere un taxi? (doh-veh pohs-soh pren-dehr-eh oon tas-see)
Where do I sign? Dov'e debbo firmare? (Doh-veh dehb-bhoh firm-ahr-eh)
Where is the cashier's window? Dov'e lo sportello del cassiere? (Doh-veh loh sport-ehl-loh dell cahs-see-ehr-eh)
Where is the currency exchange? Dov'e l'ufficio cambio? (Doh-veh loo-fee-shee-oh kam-bee-oh) Home Home | Italy MAPS | Academic Content | Links | About Us | Site Map 

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