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Useful Phrases in an Emergency in Italy

Get an ambulance! Chiami un'ambulanza! (key-ahm-ee oon am-boo-lantz-ah)
He can't swim Non sa nuotare! (non-sah-noo-oh-tar-eh)
Help! Aiuto! (ahee-oo-toh)
He's fainted. e svenuto (eh sven-oo-toh)
I do not have a prescription. Non ho la ricetta medica (Non oh lah ree-chet-ah med-ee-cheena)
I don't feel well. non me senti bene (non mee sent-ee ben-eh)
I feel dizzy. me gira la testa. (mee jee-rah lah test-ah)
I feel sick. Mi sento male. (mee sent-oh mall-eh)
I need a doctor. Ho bisogno di un dottore medico. (oh bee-son-yoh dee oon dot-tor-eh meh-dee-koh)
I need something for a… Ho bisogno di qualcosa per… (oh bee-sohn-yo dee kwal-kohsah pehr)
I think I have… Credo che ho… (kredoh keh oh)
I'm constipated. soffro di stitichezza. (sof-froh dee stee-tee-keh-tzah)
I'm having gas pains. ho dolore di gas intestinali. (oh doh-lor-eh dee gahs een-test-ee-nahl-ee)
It hurts me here. Mi fa male qui (mee fah mah-leh kwee)
It's an emergency! E un'emergenza! (eh oon eh-mer-jen-zah)
Look out! Stia attento! (stee-ah aht-ten-toh)
My passport has been stolen. Mi hanno rubato il passaporto. (mee ahn-noh roo-bot-oh eel pass-ah-port-oh)
My whole body hurts. mi fa male sopratutto. (mee fah mah-leh sohp-rah-too-toh)
There's a fire. C'e un incedio. (chay oon een-chen-dee-oh)
There's been an injury. C'e un ferito (chay oon fehr-ee-toh)
Where is the nearest pharmacy? Dov'e la farmacia piu vicina? (doh-veh lah far-mah-chee-ah pee-yoo vee-chee-noh)
Where is the US embassy? dov'e l'ambasciata di USA (doh-veh lahm-bahs-shee-ah-tah dee oo ess-ah)


Useful Words, Items and Conditions

a broken bone una frattura (oon-ah frat-toor-ah)
a bruise un 'ustione (oon oost-ee-ohn-eh)
a cold il raffreddore (eel raff-reyd-dohr-eh)
a cough la tosse (lah tohs-seh) 
a cut un taglio (oon tahl-ee-oh)
a headache il mal de testa (eel mahl dee test-ah)
a sore throat un mal di gola (oon mahl dee goh-lah)
a toothache il mal di denti (eel mahl dee den-tee)
an antiseptic un antisettico (oon ahn-tee-set-ee-koh)
arm il braccio (eel bra-chee-oh)
contraceptives dei contraccettivi (day-ee kohn-trah-chet-tee-vee)
cough drops pasticche per la tosse (pahss-tik-kay pehr lah tohs-seh)
eye drops  gocce per le occhi (goh-chee pehr leh oh-kee)
foot il piede (eel pee-eh-deh)
heart attack collasso cardiaco (koh-lahs-soh kar-dee-ahk-oh)
hip l'anca (lahn-kah)
I'm bleeding Sto sanguinando (stoh sahn-gween-ahn-doh)
leg la gamba (lah gam-bah)
sanitary napkins assorbenti igienici (az-ohr-bent-eh ee-jen-ee-chee)
sunburn la scottrature solare (la skot-trah-toor-eh soh-lar-eh)
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