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Months of the Year

January gennaio (jen-eye-oh)
February febbriao (feb-br-eye-oh)
March marzo (martz-oh)
April aprile (ah-preel-eh)
May maggio (mah-gee-oh)
June giugno (joon-yo)
July lughlio (loo-lee-oh)
August augusto (aw-goost-oh)
September settembre (set-tem-bray)
October ottobre (ah-tobe-rey)
November novembre (no-vem-bray)
December dicembre (dee-chem-bray)

Days of the Week

Sunday domenica (doh-men-ik-ah)
Monday lunedi (loon-ed-dee)
Tuesday martedi (mar-tey-dee)
Wednesday mercoledi (mehr-kohl-ed-dee)
Thursday giovedi (jee-ohv-eh-dee)
Friday venerdi (ven-er-dee)
Saturday sabato (sab-ah-toh)


0 zero (zehr-oh)
1 uno (oo-noh)
2 due (doo-eh)
3 tre (tray)
4 quattro (kwat-roh)
5 cincque (chink-kweh)
6 sei (say)
7 sette (set-tay)
8 otto (oh-toh)
9 nove (no-veh)
10 dieci (dee-eh-chee)
11 undici (oon-dee-chee)
12 dodici (doh-dee-chee)
13 tredici (tray-dee-chee)
14 quattordici (kwat-or-dee-chee)
15 quindici (kwin-dee-chee)
16 seidici (say-dee-chee)
17 diciassette (dee-chee-oh-set-tay)
18 diciotto (dee-chee-oh-toh)
19 dicinove (dee-chee-no-veh)
20 venti (ven-tee)
21 ventuno (ven-toon-oh)
22 ventidue (ven-tee-doo-eh)
23 ventitre (ven-tee-tray)
24 ventiquattro (ven-tee-kwat-roh)
25 venticincque (ven-tee-chink-kwey)
26 ventisei (ven-tee-say)
27 ventisette (ven-tee-set-tay)
28 ventiotto (ven-tee-oh-toh)
29 ventinove (ven-tee-noh-vey)
30 trenta (tren-tah)
40 quaranta (kwar-ahn-ta)
50 cinquanta (ching-kwan-tah)
60 sessanta (sess-ahn-tah)
70 settanta (set-ahn-tah)
80 ottanta (oh-tant-ah)
90 novanta (noh-van-tah)
100 cento (chen-toh)
1000 mille (meel-lay)
10000 diecimilla (dee-ech-ee-meel-lah)
100000 centomilla (chen-toh-meel-lah)
1000000 un milione (oon mee-lee-oh-nay)

Common Verbs (infinitive form)

to change cambiare (kam-bee-ar-eh)
to clean pulire (poo-leer-eh)
to close chiudere (key-yood-er-eh)
to dance ballare (ba-lahr-eh)
to dine pranzare (pran-zar-eh)
to drink bere (behr-eh)
to eat mangiare (mahn-jee-ar-eh)
to enter entrare (ent-rar-eh)
to follow seguire (seg-wheer-eh)
to go andare (ahn-dahr-eh)
to hure dolare (doh-lar-eh)
to listen ascoltare (as-kohl-tar-eh)
to live abitare (ah-bee-tar-eh)
to make fare (fahr-eh)
to order ordinare (or-dee-nahr-eh)
to pay pagare (pag-ar-eh)
to play giocare (joh-kar-eh)
to rain piovere (pee-oh-ver-eh)
to recommend consigliare (kon-seel-yar-eh)
to rent (car) noleggiare (noh-lej-ee-ar-eh)
to send mandare (mahn-dar-eh)
to sign firmare (fir-mahr-eh)
to speak parlare (par-lahr-eh)
to start cominciare (koh-meen-chee-ar-eh)
to tell dire (deer-eh)
to turn girare (jeer-ahr-eh)
to wait aspetare (ahs-pet-ahr-eh)
to work lavorare (lav-or-ahr-eh)
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