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This information will help you navigate the menu and manage your dining experience by providing you with useful Italian phrases.  These phrases and words, though not comprehensive, will provide you with the basics required to understand the variety of Italian restaurant offerings and will enable you to order from an Italian menu. Immediately below you will find a description of the different types of eateries commonly found in Italy. After you have brushed up on your Italian language skills with regard to dining and restaurants, please visit the home page to check out the photo tours of bella Italia.

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Useful Italian phrases and common objects organized for easy lookup in English.
English Italian
a cup una tazza (oon-ah tah-tz-ah)
a fork un forchetta (oon fork-ett-ah)
a glass un bicchiere (oon bick-y-air-eh)
a napkin un tavagliolo (oon tah-val-yee-oh-loh)
a knife un coltello (oon cohl-tell-oh)
a roll un panino (oon pan-een-oh)
a teaspoon un cucchiaino (oon kook-y-aye-een-oh)
appetizer antipasto (ann-tee-pah-stow)
bread il pane (eel pah-ney)
cheese course formaggi (form-ah-gee)
dessert dolci (dohl-chee)
Excuse me, do you know a good restaurant? Scusi, conosce un buon ristorante? (skoo-see, kon-ush-eh, oon bwon rist-or-ahn-tay)
first course primo (pree-mo)
fruit frutta (froot-ah)
I can't eat anything made with… Non posso mangiare niente con… (non pah-so mahn-jar-eh nee-en-tay kon…)
I'd like a beer. Vorrei una birra. (Vor-ray oona beer-ah)
I'd like a glass of red wine. Vorrei una bichiere di vino rosso. (Vor-ray oona bee-kyeer-ay dee vee-no ro-so)
I'd like some water. Vorrei dell'aqua. (Vor-ray dell ak-wah)
I'd like to make a reservation for two this evening. Vorrei fare una prenotazione per due persona sta sera. (Vor-ray far-eh oona pray-no-tatz-ee-ohnay pehr doo-eh pers-oh-na st-ah sehr-ah)
I'm a vegetarian. Sono vegetariano/a (so-no vej-ay-tar-ee-ahn-oh/ah)
I'm sorry, but the flavor is not good. Mi dispiace, ma non ha un sapore gradevole. (mee dee-spee-ah-chay, mah non ha oon sah-por-ay grah-day-voh-leh)
May I order now? Posso ordinare addesso? (pah-so or-din-ar-ay ah-des-so?)
second or main course secondo (sek-un-doh)
soup zuppa (zoo-pah)
What do you recommend? Che cosa mi consiglia lei? (kay ko-sah mee kon-seel-ee-ah lay)
These items are alphabetized in Italian to make them easier to lookup the meaning in English.
Italian English
acciughe or alice (ah-chee-oo-geh OR ah-lee-chay) anchovies
agnello (an-nyel-loh) lamb
anitra (ah-nee-truh) duck
antipasto misto (ann-tee-pah-sto mee-sto) mixed appetizers
aragosta (ar-ah-gohst-ah) lobster
arancia (ah-ran-see-ah) orange
asparagi (ass-pair-ah-gee) asparagus
bistecca (bis-tek-ah) steak
brodo (broh-doh) broth
burro (boo-roh) butter
calamari (kal-ah-mar-ee) squid
carciofi (kar-chof-fee) artichokes
caroti (kar-ot-ee) carrots
cavolfiori (kavoh-fee-or-ee) cauliflower
ceci (chay-chee) chick peas
cervo (cher-voh) venison
ciliege (chill-edge-ay) cherries
coniglio (kon-eel-ee-oh) rabbit
crema inglese (kray-mah een-glay-say) custard
fagiano (fah-jee-ah-noh) pheasant
fichi (fee-key) figs
finocchio (fee-nyok-ee-oh) fennel
fragole (frag-oh-leh) strawberries
frutti di mare (froo-tee dee mahr-ay) shellfish
fungi (foon-ghee) mushrooms
grancho (grahn-key-oh) crab
grasso (grah-so) fat
lattuga (lah-toog-ah) lettuce
lenticchi (lent-ik-ee) lentles
lumache (loo-mah-keh) snails
macedonia (di frutta) mah-chey-do-nee-ah) fresh fruit salad
mandorla (man-door-lah) almonds
manzo (man-zoh) beef
mela (may-lah) apple
melanzana (mehl-ann-zhan-ah) eggplant
olio di olive (oh-lee-oh dee oh-lee-veh) olive oil
ostriche (ost-ree-kay) oysters
patate (pah-tah-tay) potatoes
pepe nero (pep-eh ner-oh) black pepper
pepe rosso (pep-eh ro-so) hot red peppers
peperoni (pep-er-ohn-ee) (not to be confused with the populare American pizza topping) peppers
pesche (peh-shay) fish
piselli (piss-el-lee) peas
polipo (poh-lee-poh) octopus
pollo (pohl-loh) chicken
prociutto cotto (pro-shee-yoo-toh kought-oh ham, cooked
prociutto crudo (pro-shee-yoo-toh krood-oh) ham, cured uncooked
quaglia (kwawl-ee-ah) quail
riso (ree-soh) rice
tacchino (tak-ee-noh) turkey
tartufi (tar-toof-ee) truffles
tonno (tone -noh) tuna
vitello (vitt-el-loh) veal
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