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Here you will find common Italian phrases that will get you started. This page includes common Italian greetings and basic polite phrases. After you have brushed up on your Italian language skills, please visit the home page to check out the photo tours of bella Italia.

In bocca al lupo!

Note: This phrase book can be printed by travelers for use during a trip to Italy. Otherwise this work cannot be duplicated. 


English Italian
bye Ciao (chow)
Does anyone here speak English? C'e qualcuno che parla englese qui? (chay kwal-koon-oh kay par-la  eng-lay-say kwee)
Don't do that Non farlo (non far-low)
Excellent Ottimo (Oh-tee-mow)
Excuse Me (interupting to ask a question) Scusate (Skoo-sah-tay)
Excuse Me (walking through a crouded place) Mi Scusi (me skoo-see)
Goodbye Arrividerci or Arrividerla 
Hello Ciao (chow)
Hi Salve (sal-vey)
How are you? Come sta? (kom-eh sta)
I don't know Non lo so 
I'm from… Sono di (so-noh dee)
I'm Sorry Mi dispiace (me dis-pea-ah-chay)
My Name is… Mi Chiamo… (me key-ah-mow)
Please Per favore (pair fah-vor-eh)
Please speak more slowly. Per favore, parli piu lentamente. (pair fah-vor-eh, par-lee p-yoo lent-a-men-tay)
Please write it down. Lo scriva, per favore. (low skree-vuh pair fah-vor-eh)
Pleased to meet you Piacere di conoscerla (pee-a-cher-ay dee kono-share-la)
Thank you Grazie (Gra-tzee-ah)
That's fine Va bene (vah ben-ee)
What's your name? Come si chiama? (kom-eh see key-ah-muh)
Where is the restroom? Dove il banyo (doh-veh ill ban-yo) Home Home | Italy MAPS | Academic Content | Links | About Us  | Site Map

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