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History of Italy Timeline

(1300 - 1998)

A Timeline of
Events in Italy

60,000 BC to 1300 AD

--> 1300 AD - 1998 AD




Baths of Baiae;
Observations and Inferences
The Casamari Abbey
The First 400 Years
Agriculture in the
Roman Empire
Pope Julius II

Eleonora Pimentel
The Parthenopean Republic

The Effect of Mussolini's 
Pronatalist View on Women


    Below you will find the more recent events that have served to shape Italy today.  If you would like to see a more complete timeline I recommend the book that was used as a source for this page.  In addition to an extensive chronology you will also find a wealth of information about the history and cultural development of the people who have made their home on the peninsula over the centuries.

Lintner, Valerio. "A Traveler’s History of Italy - Fifth Edition", New York: Interlink Books, 1998,  Pages 240-252.

Timeline of Major Events, 1305 to Modern Times

1305-77 Exile of Papacy
1310-40 Construction of Doge’s Palace in Venice
1314-21 Dante writes Divina Commedia
1328 Louis IV crowned emperor in Rome
1348-49 Black Death rages in Italy
1378-1415 The Great Schism
1380 Venice defeats Genoa at Chioggia
1406 Florence annexes Pisa
1414-18 Council of Constance ends schism
1436 Cupola of Florence Duomo completed
1442 Alfonso of Aragon captures Naples from Angevins
1444 Sandro Botticelli and Donato Bramante born
1452-1519 Leonardo da Vinci
1458-64 War of succession between Angevins and Aragonese
1465 First Italian press established at Subiaco
1475-1564 Michelangelo Buonarroti
1478-80 War between Florence, Venice, Milan and the Papacy, Siena, Naples
1480 Lodovico Sforza comes to power in Milan
1483 Sistine Chapel consecrated
1483-1520 Raphael
1498 Savonarola burnt as a heretic
1499 Louis XII invades Italy
1508-12 Michelangelo paints ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
1527-30 Florentine Republic
1537-41 Michelangelo paints the Last judgement
1540 Jesuit Order founded
1564-1642 Galileo Galilei
1597 Clement VIII annexes Ferrara
1612-17 Wars of Monferrato and Valtellina
1618-48 Thirty Years War
1633 Galileo condemned in Rome
1647-48 Revolts in Naples and Palermo
1684 French fleet bomb Genoa
1700-13 Wars of Spanish succession
1714-18 Venice at war with Turkey
1732 Don Carlos of Bourbon becomes duke of Parma
1755 Genoa sells Corsica to France
1773 Clement XIV dissolves Jesuits
1796-97 Napoleon’s first Italian campaign
1798-1837 Giacomo Leopardi
1800-1801 Napoleon recaptures Italy
1801-1802 Italian Republic
1805 Kingdom of Italy
1820 Revolts at Nola, Avellino and Naples
1848 Revolts in Sicily and Milan; Republic of Venice declared
1848-49 First War of Independence; Piedmontese defeated by Austrians
1849 Republic of Rome; despotism restored
1852 Cavour prime minister of Piedmont
1859-60 Piedmont annexes most of northern Italy; Nice and Savoy ceded to France
1860 Garibaldi and the Thousand capture Sicily and the south
1865 Capital moved from Turin to Florence
1866 Venice becomes part of Italian kingdom after Third War of Independence
1870 Rome captured and becomes capital; unification complete; Law of Guarantees
1876-1915 Radicals dominate the parliamentary scene
1893 Civil unrest in Sicily
1898 Riots in Milan, breakdown of law & order in much of country
1902-7 Widespread strikes
1911-12 Conquest of Libya
1912 Mussolini becomes editor of Avanti!
1915 Italy enters World War 1
1917 Defeat of Caporetto
1921 Mussolini forms Fascist Party; PCI formed
1922 March on Rome; Mussolini prime minister
1935-36 Abyssinian war; League of Nations sanctions
1936-39 Intervention in favour of Franco in Spanish Civil War
1936 Axis formed between Italy and Germany
1939 Pact of Steel with Germany; occupation of Albania
1940 Italy enters World War II on German side
1941-43 Italians fight in Yugoslavia, Russia and Africa; defeat in Africa; Allies land in Sicily; anti-Fascist action; Badoglio  delares war on Germany
1944 Anzio landings; Allies take Rome
1945 Resistance movement; liberation of Florence; German surrender
1946- Christian Democrat domination of government
1949 Italy becomes a member of NATO
1954 City of Trieste returned to Italy
1956 Italy joins European Community
1966 Floods in Venice and Florence
1968-69 Student and workers’ struggle
1969 Fascist bomb at Piazza Fontana, Milan; anarchist Pietro Valpreda arrested; autunno caldo
1974 Referendum approves divorce
1975-77 Decentralization through regional laws
1980 Earthquake in Campania; fascist bomb at Bologna station
1982 Italy wins football World Cup (1934,1938)
1983-87 Bettino Craxi first Socialist prime minister
1985 Francesco Cossiga elected President
1987 Giovanni Goria youngest ever prime minister at the age of 44; II sorpasso , Italian GNP greater than that of the UK; general election, recovery of DC, decline of PCI
1991 Italian warplanes participate in Gulf war
1992 Intensification of mafia activity: MEP Salvo Lima and judges Falcone and Borsellino murdered; Bank of Italy made independent; municipal corruption in Milan and other cities revealed - PSI implicated; austerity programme, fight against mafla and corruption
1993 Arrest of mafia boss Salvadore Riina; Craxi resigns as leader of PSI; 82.7% vote in favour of electoral reform in referendum, operation ‘clean hands’ intensifies, faith in traditional political parties collapses, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi moves from Bank of Italy to become Prime Minister in government of technocrats’, traditional Parties suffer heavy losses in municipal elections
1994 Roberto Baggio’s goals take Italy to final of World Cup; Italian birth rate lowest in the world. Berlusconi investigated by corruption judges, falls out with Northern League and resigns 
1995 Year begins with unresolved political crisis. In January, Lamberto Dini invited to form a new government
1996 Dini government falls; Maccanico fails to form government; general election brings left to power for first time; Romano Prodi new Prime Minister; antics of separatist northern League who rename Northern Italy ‘Padania’
1997 Earthquake seriously damages parts of central Italy including Assisi; Versace murdered; Berlusconi charged with corruption; DiPietro comes under investigation by operation clean hands
1998 Progress towards meeting EMU convergence criteria 


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