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History of Italy Timeline

(60,000 BC - 1300 AD)

Italy Time Line

--> 60,000 BC - 1300 AD

1300 AD - 1998 AD




Baths of Baiae;
Observations and Inferences
The Casamari Abbey
The First 400 Years
Agriculture in the
Roman Empire
Pope Julius II

Eleonora Pimentel
The Parthenopean Republic

The Effect of Mussolini's 
Pronatalist View on Women


      This Italian history timeline details important events that helped shape the Italy we know today.  If you would like to see a more complete timeline I recommend the book that was used as a source for this page.  In addition to an extensive chronology you will also find a wealth of information about the history and cultural development of the people who have made their home on the peninsula over the centuries.

Lintner, Valerio. "A Travelerís History of Italy - Fifth Edition", New York: Interlink Books, 1998,  Pages 240-252.

A Timeline of Major Events

200,000 First traces of human life in the peninsula
60,000 Middle Palaeolithic period; Neanderthal humans
30,000 Upper Palaeolithic period; first humans in Sicily
10,000 Cro-Magnon human life
 5000  Mesolithic period
 3500-2500 Neolithic period
 2000-1800 Copper Age; Palafitte culture
 1800-1000 Bronze Age; Terramare and Apennine cultures
 1400  Mycenaean traders in Sicily
 800  Iron Age; Villanovan cultures; Greek settlement in Sicily and the south
 753  Foundation of Rome by Romulus
 753-617  First four Roman monarchs
 700  Beginning of Etruscan period
 524  Battle of Cumae; Greeks halt Etruscan expansion to the south
 509  Beginning of the Roman republic; Roman domination of Latium
 500  Etruscan expansion in northern Italy
 451-450  Twelve tables of law published in Rome
 433  Temple of Apollo
 350  Felsina taken by the Romans
334-264 Roman conquest and colonisation of Italy
312 Via Appia and Aqua Appia
289 Roman mint established
289-275 Roman war with Pyrrhus
265 Volsinii captured by the Romans; end of Etruscan period
241 Sicily made first Roman province
238 Provinces of Sardinia and Corsica
200-197 Second Macedonian war
172-168 Third Macedonian war
149-146 Third Punic war; destruction of Carthage
136-132 First slave war in Sicily
120 Temple of Fortuna in Praeneste
101 Defeat of Germanic invasion
73-71 Spartacus in revolt
49-44 Julius Caesar dictator

27 BC-AD 68 Julio-Claudian emperors
43 Britain occupied
64 Fire of Rome
79 Vesuvius erupts; Colosseum completed
117-193 Antonine emperors
122-142 Hadrianís Wall built in Britain
128 Rebuilding of Pantheon completed
134 Hadrianís Villa at Tivoli completed
167 Barbarians invade Dacia
219 Caracallaís Baths built
271 Aurelius builds walls around Rome
303-305 Persecution of Christians
313 Freedom of worship for Christians
315 Constantineís Arch built in Rome
324-337 Constantine sole emperor
376 Goths permitted to settle in empire
395 Final East-West division of empire; Visigoths invade Greece
476 Last western emperor, Romulus Augustulus, deposed; Odoacer becomes king of Italy
490 Theodoric invades Italy
490-552 Ostrogothic kingdom of Italy
526 Death of Theodoric
535-540 Byzantine reconquest
568-774 Lombard kingdom of Italy
700-720 Monasteries built at Farfa, San Vincenzo and Montecassino
754 Pepin III invades Italy
773-774 Charlemagne conquers Italy
827 Arab invasion of Sicily
839-849 Civil war in Benevento
855-875 Louis 11 emperor
899 First Hungarian invasion
902 Arabs complete capture of Sicily
962-973 Otto I first German emperor
1034 Aversa granted to Normans by the duke of Naples
1061-91 Norman conquest of Sicily
1071 Normans capture Bari; end of Byzantine rule
1072 Normans take Palermo
1075 Normans capture Salerno
1081 Henry IV invades Italy
1082 Florence goes to war against Siena
1111 Henry V crowned emperor
1135 Amalfi sacked by Pisa
1147-49 Second Crusade
1155 Rome under Interdict; Frederick Barbarossa crowned emperor
1162 Milan burned by Barbarossa
1176 Barbarossa defeated by Lombard League at Legnano
1190 Barbarossa dies on Third Crusade
1191-96 Henry VI emperor
1194 Henry VI conquers Sicily
1198 Frederick II becomes king of Sicily
1204 Sack of Constantinople on Fourth Crusade
1216 Dominican Order founded
1220 Frederick II crowned emperor
1223 Franciscan Order founded
1237 Lombard League defeated by Frederick II at Cortenuova
1250 Death of Frederick II
1252 First European gold coins minted in Florence
1282 Revolt of Sicilian Vespers
1294 Battle of Meloria, Genoa defeats Pisa
1296 Building of Florentine Duomo begins
1298 Marco Polo returns to Venice 


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