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The Ancient Baths of Baiae;
Observations and Inferences
Julissa Mendez, Darren Peterson & Erna Schas
Ital333, Prof. Barbara Nucci, March 1999

A Chronology of
Events in Italy

60,000 BC - 1300 AD

1300 AD - 1998 AD




Baths of Baiae;
Observations and Inferences
The Casamari Abbey
The First 400 Years
Agriculture in the
Roman Empire
Pope Julius II

Eleonora Pimentel
The Parthenopean Republic

The Effect of Mussolini's 
Pronatalist View on Women

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Note: Much of the information used in this paper was gathered first hand during a visit to the Archeological Park in Baia.  There is a wealth of information on the signs that serve those who take a self guided tour of the park.

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