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The Effect of Mussolini's

Pronatalist View on Women

By  Cynthia Dinsmore

9 October 1999

Professor Stephens                  History 219

A Chronology of
Events in Italy

60,000 BC - 1300 AD

1300 AD - 1998 AD





Baths of Baiae;
Observations and Inferences
The Casamari Abbey
The First 400 Years
Agriculture in the
Roman Empire
Pope Julius II

Eleonora Pimentel
The Parthenopean Republic

The Effect of Mussolini's 
Pronatalist View on Women

(Appendix A)

Mussolini's "Speech of the Ascension," May 26, 1927

            It is therefore necessary to take great care of the future of the race, starting with measures to look after the health of mothers and infants.  This is the purpose of the National Organization for the Protection of Mothers and Children…

            Throughout the country there exist 5,700 branches…for which there still is not enough money.  Hence the tax on bachelors and perhaps in the future there will be a tax on childless marriages.

            This tax brings in between 40 and 50 million lire: but do you really believe that this is why I introduced the tax?  I have used the tax to give a demographic prod to the nation.  This may surprise you and someone will ask: "But why? Is it really necessary?"

            Yes, it is really necessary…

            I tell you that the most fundamental, essential element in the political, and therefore economic, and moral, influence of a nation lies in its demographic strength.

            Let us be quite clear: what are 40 million Italians compared to 90 million Germans and 200 million Slavs?  What are 40 million Italians compared to 40 million Frenchmen, plus 90 million inhabitants of their colonies, or 46 million Englishmen plus 450 million people who live in their colonies?


            Italy, if she is to count for anything in the world, must have a population of not less than 60 million inhabitants by the middle of this century.[i]

Source: Il Popolo d'Italia, 26 May 1927

[i] J. Pollard, The Fascist Experience in Italy, London , 1998, pp. 78-9.

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