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Italian Tourism & Travel Sites:

Simply Rome -  This site is a comprehensive resource that will be of value to anyone planning a visit to Rome.  The site is well organized and contains tools and information that will assist the traveler as they decide where to go and what to see. Self described as: "Your Rome travel guide when visiting the eternal city."
Italy for Visitors -  An excellent resource for travelers visiting the Italian peninsula. This site is well organized and maintained. Links and information are organized in easy to use categories such as Planning and Information, Festivals and Events, Things to Do, along with several specific destinations.  Prospective visitors to Italy browse through this site while planning their trip.
Tour Italy Now - An very nicely done travel resource. This page ahs information  about customized tours, escorted tours, flights, shopping and more.

Artviva - Tour operator in Italy. Tours to all popular cities and attractions.
Hotels and Travel in Italy - Part of a larger travel site.  Good resources for someone who will be traveling to Italy.

Tours of Italy by COSMIC - A Tour operator site. Bookings for tour packages at popular destination. Cosmic is a company that is dedicated to offering reliable trips at affordable prices.

Italy Tourist Information and Italian Tourism - A rough Guide -- This site is a one stop Tourist Link Shop!  There are links all over the map on this one.  It may not be the prettiest site in the world, but it is jam packed with info and links.
Lonely Planet - Italy -- Excellent general overview from this renowned guidebook publisher, covering history, culture, travel tips, essential info, transport and travellers' reports. A huge page!  Must see.

In - Itineraries, restaurants, hotels, museums, off-the-beaten track attractions, hidden treasures, virtual tours and plenty of beautiful pictures of every corner of Italy. This site is nicely organized and definately worth your time.
Welcome to CapriOnLine - The Capri Island web site!  If you are going to Capri This is a must see website!  It is very well done and is available in English and Italian.


Gabriele's Tours - Gabriele's Travels to Italy, Inc. will inspire you to uncover the real Italy... the out-of-the-way places where the sights and sounds of real people will provide wonderful memories for a lifetime.
Travel Info Italy - Updated information including hotel reservations, spas, thermal sites, ground transportation services, religious tourism, school tourism, amenities and tour operator proposals for travelers in Rome and Italy.
Naples, Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sorrento - This page is packed with things to do in the Naples area.  If you are coming to Naples I would highly recommend that you spend a few minutes at this website.
ItalyTour.Com - The virtual tour of Italy - A Professional tourism site.  Lots of good information to help you find a hotel and a place to eat.  The pictures that on this site are not accompanied by any information.  Available in English and Italian. 
ITWF Button3.75k A Tour guide that has a wealth of information for virtually every destination that comes to mind.
Rating: - offers on-line booking for nearly 100 small, nearly 3,000 villas available for weekly rental, news, travel tips, auto rentals, tours, and more.We also have a map store where you can purchase maps of any part of Italy, at just about any scale you want.
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