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Italian Image Collections:

Italy Pictures: Besides  pizza, pasta and Ferrari, Italy has a lot to offer to the travelers: wide range of classical antiquities, palaces from the Renaissance, baroque churches and of course great food. Photos of Rome , Pompeii , Vatican , Taormina , Genoa .

Venice Photo Tour - Patric Fox has a nice collection of images.  There is also a nice description of each scene. 

Venezia. Photos by Tanya Agafonova -    Some decent  images of Venice!  On the downside...  This site is very slow.  But it is worth the wait!  It would be nice if there were more information with the images...  Tip: just go there, then open another tab or window and surf around until the pix load.

GF's Leaning Tower of Pisa Web Page - A really comprehensive source of information about Pisa.  There is even a humor section.


A Sicily - Photos of Montalbano Elicona, Messina, Sicily, and links to other photos. How to begin your genealogy including links to LDS IGI online, maps, World Tree, SSDI, phone books, Ellis Island, translator, weather and currency, webcams, Sicilian resources, etc.

Italian Light: Jeffrey Curto's Photographs - Photographs of Italy are featured in a gallery of fine art photographs by photographer Jeffrey Curto. Since 1989, Jeff Curto has photographed extensively in Italy. The Galeria Italia contains photographs of Tuscany, Venice and the North and Roma.



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