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Tour of Italy for the Financially Challenged - About Us

    The creators of this web site were, at one time, affiliated with the U.S. military.   Therefore, we had the opportunity to travel to far off lands.  Fortune smiled upon us and we found ourselves with orders to Naples, Italy.  That was in 1998. 

     Before leaving the U.S. we searched the web in a futile attempt to find information and imagery of Italy.  There were a few pictures, a few ads for hotels, but very little quality imagery and very little information. We found a copious amount of "tourist" information, but not much substance.  That lack of quality imagery and information inspired us to create this site



     The project commenced shortly after our arrival in Italy.  The first pictures (of the volcano Solfatara) were taken in December of 1998.  Since then the project has developed a life of its own. We lived in Italy until April of 2007 and over the years we spent as expatriates, we developed a deep understanding and appreciation of the unique beauty of Italy. Today we are still creating photo tours, publishing articles from our cast of contributors and adding content that will  be useful to those who intend to visit, or even relocate to Italy.

    The goal of this project is to amass a collection of, high quality, digital images and solid, verifiable information about the culture, history and points of interest in Italy.  We do our best to ensure that the pictures are accompanied by substantive information to provide the reader with the details that enable the photos to be viewed in historical and cultural context.   Additionally, we strive to provide geographical information that will allow the reader to put the tour sites on the map. Finally, on our site the web reader will find many of the lesser known locations.  Places that are off the beaten track.  Destinations that are overlooked by the throngs of tourists that flock to places like Pisa, Venice and Rome.

     Currently our operation is supported by advertising. The wealth of information available on this site is free to all visitors. Our business is simple: provide good photos of popular and off-the-beaten-path sites in Italy, and accompany the photos with solid and verifiable information earn money when our visitors see ads that fit their needs.

Thank you for visiting the Tour of Italy for the Financially Challenged.


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